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As an example, at a project on compared to an apartment with an internal view. Along the area of all have an existing selling price of about 70-100 million / m2. River view apartments are always the products that record a higher selling price of 5-10 million VND per m2 than the rest and also sell the best. In District 1, a series of luxury apartment projects with river views cost up to 180-220 million/m2.
Particularly for the market in District 2, apartment complexes near the river have the lowest secondary selling price of 110-120 million per m2, even riverfront apartments cost over 150 million m2. Some riverfront apartment projects currently have high secondary prices up nearly 30% compared to the starting point but are still sought after by buyers. The outstanding advantage of these projects is the location near the river, so there is always an impressive price increase over time.
Similarly, riverside real estate in areas also recorded a sudden increase in primary prices of 15-20%, secondary projects increased by nearly 35% in the last 2 years. due to the advantage of developing transport infrastructure that connects conveniently with the city center and neighboring provinces.
Commenting on this price increase phenomenon, experts believe that the demand for benefits of customers with good finance is increasing. A living space that is both comfortable and modern, close to nature and conveniently located is their first choice.
Besides, because the number of riverside projects on the market is not much. So, a number of projects, even though they were just “introduced”, have attracted attention

Reputation of investors and developers

In addition, with products with complete legal status, they often disclose information fully, clearly and transparently. From there, buyers can approach the product objectively, know the information to make the right investment.
Investors also believe that products with more long-term ownership conditions are “gold bars” on the market. Real estate buyers in Vietnam often like to use them as savings or gifts for the next generation, which makes long-term ownership products always sought after in the market.

Davorable geographical factors with good feng shui will increase the value of the project. People often choose high lands to build houses, places with “pre-primitive, post-son” terrain or near rivers or lakes are ideal places to settle down. In the current conditions, urban development must follow the planning, so the exploitation of natural factors is very limited. Therefore, to choose locations with good terrain and feng shui becomes rarer, if available, it will be a blessing for consumers.

3- About the environmental landscape

When your apartment is far from the center, you can fix it yourself by using motorized vehicles or by arranging a reasonable time. But when you live in a place with a poor environment such as: polluted by noise, garbage, too densely populated and the overload of the technical infrastructure system, you will not be able to improve yourself. get these factors.

People choose places with good environmental landscape from factors available in nature and from investment results of projects. Consumers can easily know whether the place they choose is beautiful or not, the living environment here is good or not. It is a factor that brings long-term value that should be considered by consumers.

4- About the relationship with the surrounding

A housing project has advantages when it has an interactive relationship with the surrounding. The works around the housing project such as: cultural, sports, commercial, schools, parks, restaurants… have the effect of creating value for the residential area. Therefore, when choosing an apartment, consumers need to consider around this housing area, the more buildings that have an interactive relationship with the housing area, the more advantages and value it will have.

5- Regarding the technical system of external

infrastructure Technical infrastructure outside the project should pay attention to: roads, water supply and drainage works and electricity system. The technical infrastructure works outside the project have been synchronously invested, are being used well and have many favorable factors that will be the number 1 priority when choosing an apartment.


In fact, the content of the apartment purchase and sale contract is established by the seller, the provisions of the contract, although ensuring compliance with the law, are usually for the purpose of protecting the interests of the seller. To avoid risks, buyers need to carefully review the content of the contract or seek legal advice before signing the contract. Due to the specific nature of apartment products, the goods traded here are not only apartments, but also other products and services attached. Consumers need to pay attention to some basic contents in their apartment sale and purchase contract as follows:

1- Legal grounds

In the first part of the Sale and Purchase Contract, the legal bases for the two parties to sign are usually stated. In principle, these bases are legal documents that have been published and are still in force. The grounds are stated in the contract but have not been publicly announced, the buyer has the right to request the seller to provide full information about these documents

2- Price and payment conditions

For projects that have been completely built, the price determination and payment conditions are very convenient, because the finished product, the buyer can easily recognize the value of the product to decide. Particularly for projects under construction, the purchase and sale contract needs to have a commitment clause on the quality of construction work and an appendix to the contract describing the level of completion of the apartment. At the same time, the regulations on the time of payment must be attached to the progress and results of the construction of the works.

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