10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Real Estate

Accept the house is not like a dream

Who does not want to have a house near the center, spacious, spacious, clean and beautiful. However, if you only focus on that goal, the situation of having to stay at the inn and plow and accumulate money will continue for a long time. Accept a home that is nothing like you dreamed of. Maybe it’s a little old, or not very spacious, but you can completely fix it by repairing, decorating, arranging furniture neatly. With skillful hands, the house will become more “sparkling”. And if the house is too far from the center, there is nothing to worry about. You and your wife are still young, so it’s difficult to travel. Accept it at first, then everything will get used to it. Finding yourself a shelter, sheltering from the sun and rain is more realistic than chasing a pink dream. When there is money, the couple change to a large house,

Never stop hunting

Don’t just rely on the offers of storks or entrust them completely to real estate brokers. Find cheap houses for yourself. These may be houses that were bought for speculative purposes but did not make a profit, so homeowners had to sell out to recover capital. Or maybe it’s a mortgage loser gambling, the house needs to sell quickly to have money to take care of other things. Please work hard to hunt a lot, find out through acquaintances, observe leaflets plastered on the street, rummage through information from the internet… And one of the secrets that many people pass on to each other, is to search often. bank connections. Many houses have been foreclosed on by banks and recovered at very low prices.

Wait for the moment, seize the opportunity

Vietnam is one of the countries with the most volatile real estate market. Prices are often blown up due to speculation, creating virtual demand. Therefore, in order not to be deceived, you need to be discerning and wise customers.

It can be said that the current freezing situation of real estate can cause many giants to fall into difficulties, but it is an opportunity for people with modest incomes to buy cheap houses, suitable for their personality. young. Later, people want to be more certain, less dare to take risks. However, even if the dose must be calculated, avoid taking too much risk and losing both the lead and the fishing rod.

Take advantage of it

Young couples often have support from family and friends. So if you think you can ask for help, don’t think too much.

Linh and his wife have been married for less than a year, and at first did not intend to buy a house. However, through many sources, it is known that a company in Hanoi is selling 6 apartments in Phu My Thuan apartment complex (HCMC) because it needs to recover capital quickly after a period of ineffective speculation. As a result, both decided to seize the opportunity. At this point, their only problem is how to immediately turn around 800 million VND to pay the other company because this is a completed apartment, must be paid once. And within 3 weeks, after mobilizing all the resources of both domestic and foreign parties and collecting money from small loans (about 10, 20 million VND) from acquaintances plus accumulated capital, they paid enough for the homeowner.

Currently, they are living quite comfortably in a spacious 95m2 apartment. The interest-free loan is divided by them and paid in monthly installments.

Because of the acquisition of the resettlement rate, the payment is also quite flexible, in accordance with the financial conditions of the couple. Both only have to pay 700 million in advance, about 400 million , the rest will be paid in installments within 10 years with low interest rates. However, buying this way is also a bit risky because in fact, the documents still have to be in the name of the previous owner until the payment is complete.

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