The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Real Estate

In addition to having good knowledge and skills, a real estate agent must also have a beautiful soul.

In industrialized countries, the profession of real estate brokerage (real estate) has a relatively high income compared to the income level of other occupations in society. The main income of the real estate brokerage profession is from the seller’s commission and other services plus.

However, how many people actually have the desired income? Statistics in Australia show that in 2010, 50% of real estate brokers left the profession, only 20% followed the profession, the rest worked part-time. These figures show that not everyone can work as a real estate broker. So, how to be successful in the real estate brokerage careers,.


Let’s imagine, every day, a broker makes 100 phone calls to sell offers and gets rejected 98 calls. In the other two calls, one call to the customer to appear interested and the other just to ask for a price? For 3 consecutive months, no transactions were made (like the current “freeze” period). If you fall into that situation and with a “flat” belly, do you still want to pursue a brokerage career?

The “golden” period of real estate before, making money from brokers was too easy without having to invest in knowledge. During that period, the broker just needs to “bend three socks” to be able to make the price, create a virtual fever, and then make a lot of money. That time has passed and there is no chance of a repeat. In the current period, the profession of real estate brokerage has “turned the page”. Now, those who want to practice in the field of real estate brokerage must understand that: “Without knowledge and expertise, the profession will not exist”.

Nowadays, customers are so smart that they immediately recognize which brokers are professional or not. They will “choose to send gold” very carefully, before deciding whether to work with you or not? Prepare yourself mentally and equip yourself with a complete “baggage” of knowledge before coming to the profession of a real estate broker..

Modest and market

oriented Currently, some real estate professionals who love their job and are truly market-oriented are aware of the value of the not-so-easy success of this profession. They always try to improve their professional skills and constantly learn to develop.

However, not everyone is aware of that. Most people think that real estate brokers have nothing to learn, people who don’t need a practicing certificate can still do it! They believe, just experience “street”, learn from friends is enough. It is these misconceptions that our real estate brokerage profession is still a long way from the experts who are practicing brokers in other countries in the region. And in the eyes of customers, they still call them “storks” of real estate.

To become a professional broker, you need to be really humble and curious, learn, invest time to update knowledge continuously. 

Understand the true nature 

Therefore, customers need to carefully review the penalty terms when the investor delivers the house late. Payment terms according to construction progress will help customers avoid the situation that the money has been given but the porridge has not been seen.

Materials, interior equipment in the apartment need to be specified to avoid the investor changing unlike the model house to reduce costs. Customers need to carefully read the terms of the difference between the actual apartment area and the contract, how to determine the apartment area to avoid complaints later. 

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