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The coastal land fund and around the sea area are often attractive to investors because of the ability to exploit tourism and resort business. In the context of increasingly scarce coastal land funds, coastal real estate products are often owned by buyers for a long time, with little transfer, especially for projects with long-term legal ownership..

The coastal land fund is scarce

In order to find opportunities to own the type of coastal real estate, many investors have moved to new tourist cities with relatively soft land prices. Besides investment, many people also have the need to buy land, build houses according to their preferences, live near nature, enjoy fresh space.
According to many experts, most customers prioritize looking for coastal areas with potential for tourism, economic and trade development in the near future, while providing sustainable profitable value thanks to services such as: transfer, operate a business, provide accommodation or lease services, but also serve as a second home to stay or relax.
New City urban area is located in Nhon Hoi economic zone on PHMai peninsula. This is a rare coastal land project with 8 connections: Phu Cat international airport, Linh Phong Thien Tu, Thi Nai lagoon, Quy Nhon city center, KEGnh Rang, Vbay Mai and the East Sea.
With a scale of up to 116 hectares, synchronous infrastructure is gradually being completed, many spaces for green areas and modern facilities such as Japanese-style Green Valley park, sea square, health care center, etc. Health, International Standard School, … In addition, this is also a project with long-term ownership of coastal land. Currently, Danh Khoi Group has also handed over books to customers.

Creating a space and a classy lifestyle

Chew standards are no longer measured only by the floor m2 index with the formula for calculating the multiplier area. unit price, but also reflected in the enthusiasm of investing in utilities, creating a space and a classy lifestyle, arousing the desire for ownership of the elite,” said a representative of BCG Land.

In the current real estate market, apartment projects are also “comparing” with resort projects on the race of building utilities to bring residents a living experience like a home resort. For example, in King Crown Infinity – an apartment project in Thu Duc City, the investor has created a “resort oasis” highlight in the heart of the project. When it was still on the approved drawing, the project created a highlight with a hanging garden, a water music area, a large waterfall, a scenic bridge, an interactive lake, a landscape stream, an art overflow lake… All well done. cleverly arranged in the city.

Things to note when buying an apartment in difficult times.

Consider the product: Customers need to find out the legality of the project, the construction permit, the number of floors. It is important when assessing the value of an apartment to consider the integral whole of the relationship between the location, the surrounding natural and social environment, and the design of the project itself.

The correlation of the location of the project is to consider the project in terms of convenient traffic, close to the center, close to utilities, resonance values ​​such as supermarkets, amusement parks, schools, parks … These factors determine the price of land and account for a high proportion in the price structure of apartments.

Polluted environment, prone to flooding, noise, dust, etc. complex surrounding communities are factors that often come with cheap apartments. Customers can ask people in the area to better understand this information.

In project design, construction density, land use coefficient, area of ​​public areas, elevators, trees are factors that investors often “save” to the maximum, so customers need to look carefully. Some projects have low construction density but very high land use coefficient because high-rise.

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