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“Of the principles that directly affect the value of a property, location is the only thing that cannot be changed. Infrastructure can change, economy can change, legislation can be improved gradually, Social factors can grow and become busy over time, but location does not,” commented a representative of KN.
In any case, location is still an important factor for real estate valuation, ensuring the sustainable value of investors. In particular, when land funds in prime locations are increasingly scarce, investors are increasingly competing for the best location.
Therefore, projects located in a central location, near areas with adequate transport infrastructure: roads, airports, seaports are advantages. In particular, resort products located in areas with favorable natural conditions, attracting tourists are potential “gold mines”.
Large scale
According to experts, there is currently a wave of investors flocking to large-scale, well-developed projects to solve profitable problems and be a safe cash flow shelter.
The “all in one” model is favored by many investors, especially in resort real estate, because the model meets the needs of buyers. This is not only a tourist destination with a rich system of facilities, but also a destination with long-term stay value and favorable business development.
In particular, in areas such as Cam Ranh, Phu Quoc, Ha Long…, resort populations of thousands of hectares are now shelters for the cash flow of many people. Investors focus on creating green resort products, consuming less energy, full infrastructure experience from entertainment, shopping, entertainment, education, health care.
With many experienced investors, pouring capital into well-invested and large-scale projects is also one of the important investment secrets, in addition to determining the legal status and reputation of the owner. investment and project location.

Perspective of KN Paradise project – an international resort city, a new global destination.

According to many experts, areas near the border gate are becoming the bright spot of the economy. Not only has the advantage of trade exchange and tourism development, many areas near the border gate are becoming attractive destinations for investors thanks to a series of advantages such as infrastructure planning, synchronous traffic, economic development, etc. economy combined with resort tourism, attracting a large number of people.

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Besides the advantage from the border gate economy, Lang Son real estate recorded a strong momentum from the invested and developed transport infrastructure, promoting connectivity and exchanges in the region. Currently, a series of arterial traffic routes passing through Lang Son are being promoted to be built, expanded and upgraded such as the Bac Son expressway, national highway 1, national highway 4B to Quang Ninh, and national highway 4A to Cao Ban… Especially, with the BacSon expressway, the travel distance from Hanoi to Lang Son city is only about 2 hours by car.
In the context of soaring central real estate prices and scarce land funds, many investors tend to move to developed markets, including border cities. Many experts believe that Lang Son real estate is recording a strong transformation, attracting the attention of many investors.

Investors and developers

In addition, with products with complete legal status, they often disclose information fully, clearly and transparently. From there, buyers can approach the product objectively, know the information to make the right investment.
Investors also believe that products with more long-term ownership conditions are “gold bars” on the market. Real estate buyers in Vietnam often like to use them as savings or gifts for the next generation, which makes long-term ownership products always sought after in the market.

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