Privacy Policy

There are a number of rules for posts to be moderated on the same day and selected as good news.

Good news

– Trust paid guests

– The information verified by the guest is the owner

– Full news, coincidences, honest products

News is censored on the same day.

– There is a full selling price, area. The direction of the house…

– The title, address, content overlap.

– Location and product information is clear and accurate. Ex: Alleys and alleys are written as alleys and alleys “Avoid ambiguity and deception-

– Select enough streets, “If any” project.

– Number of floors, number of rooms must match

We will delete the news when the moderator finds it

+ Post delivery in one place, product in another place

+ Information does not match, wrong

+ Believe the same product but have the same title

Lock account

+ A bitter product is more than 20 messages, repeated many times

+ Violating the prohibitions of the law

We look forward to your agreement!


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