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Location "Of the principles that directly affect the value of a property, location is the only thing that cannot be changed. Infrastructure can change, economy can change, legislation can be improved gradually, Social factors can grow and become busy over time, but location does not," commented a representative of KN. In any case, location is still an important factor for real estate valuation, ensuring...

Why We Love Real Estate

As an example, at a project on compared to an apartment with an internal view. Along the area of all have an existing selling price of about 70-100 million / m2. River view apartments are always the products that record a higher selling price of 5-10 million VND per m2 than the rest and also sell the best. In District 1, a series of luxury apartment projects with river views cost up to 180-220...

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Real Estate

In addition to having good knowledge and skills, a real estate agent must also have a beautiful soul. In industrialized countries, the profession of real estate brokerage (real estate) has a relatively high income compared to the income level of other occupations in society. The main income of the real estate brokerage profession is from the seller's commission and other services plus. However, how...

Real Estate Industry and Competitors

The coastal land fund and around the sea area are often attractive to investors because of the ability to exploit tourism and resort business. In the context of increasingly scarce coastal land funds, coastal real estate products are often owned by buyers for a long time, with little transfer, especially for projects with long-term legal ownership.. The coastal land fund is scarce In order to find...

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